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Cross Country

There are various Opportunities for you to take part in within the Cross Country Events, scroll down to see the different types

  • RR10
  • CC6
  • Hampshire Cross Country League
  • Southern cross Country League
  • Cross Country Championships


RR10 League

The RR10 series is a friendly and very sociable event, with a very wide variety of standards, and is an ideal starter race for those who might have felt nervous or intimidated about racing.

Racing is a good marker for how well you are running, and the RR10 events are staged at some lovely offroad venues around Southampton and the New Forest .

Teams for the Wednesday evening series consist of five men per team and three women per team, if you would like to compete just turn up on the day and run. Click here for the official RR10 website. 

Your RR10 rep is Grace Tyrrell


1 April 17 Royal Victoria Country Park 7.00pm Itchen Spitfires Halterworth / new Forest / Southampton
2 May 1 Stoney Cross 7.15pm Totton RC Winchester AC / Eastleigh RC
3 May 15 Wilverley, Sway 7.30pm New Forest Runners Hardley / Stubbington
4 May 29 Recreation Ground, Blackfield 7.30pm Hardley Runners Itchen / Wessex / Winchester
5 June 5 Fleming Park 7.30pm Running Sisters / Southampton AC  Hedge End / Itchen Spitfires
6 June 12 Hursley Park & Ampfield 7.30pm Halerworth Harriers Totton
7 June 19 Manor Farm Country Park 7.30pm Hedge End New Forest / Romsey
8 July 3 University Sports Ground, Wide Lane, Eastleigh 7.30pm Eastleigh RC Hardley Runners /Itchen / Running Sisters / Wessex

July 10

Whiteley 7.30pm Stubbington Lordshill / Southampton / Totton
10 July 17 Janesmoor Pond, Stoney Cross 7.30pm Romsey RR Eastleigh / Halerworth / Hedge End / Winchester
11 July 31 Itchen Valley Country Park 7.00pm Lordshill RR Running Sisters / Stubbington 
12 August 14 IBM Hursley Park 7.00pm Winchester AC none


CC6 Cross Country League

The CC6 Cross Country League is a friendly low-key league, organised by the running clubs of south Hampshire for their members and provides an excellent introduction to competitive off road racing.
These local races are free to club members and take place on early on Sunday mornings at 9.30, between September and March.

Distances are between 4 and 5 miles and have similar locations to those in the RR10. As per the RR10's there is no need to enter in advance, just turn up on the day, along with your club shirt, and run.

Please can we car share where possible to keep numbers down in the car parks.

For more details and race results when posted, you can look at the CC6 website which is cc6.co.uk

Our CC6 club rep is Sally McGrath 

Race Date Start Time Venue (please refer to the official CC6 website for details/directions)
Location Host Club
1 01/09/19 09:30 Fleming Park Eastleigh Eastleigh, Itchen Spitfires & Hedge End
2 TBC 09:30 Whiteley Woods Whiteley Stubbington & Netley
3 TBC 09:30

Dibden Inclosure, Dibden Purlieu

Dibden Hardley
4 TBC 09:30 Janesmoor Pond New Forest Lordshill & Wessex
5 TBC 09:30 Badger Farm Winchester Southampton , WADAC & Solent Running Sisters
6 TBC 09:30 Kings Garn Inc Stoney Cross Romsey, Halterworth & Southampton Tri
7 TBC 09:30 Dennywood  New Forest Totton 
8 TBC 09:30 Wilverley  New Forest New Forest, Lymington Athletes & Lymington Tri

 Fixtures 2019-20

Individual scoring best 4 races out of 6 available races. Team scoring 6 out of 7 races. Runners should not compete in 'home' races, as it is felt this disadvantaged clubs with fewer members.

Vet Categories (V40-50-60-70 for both Mens and Ladies) based on age on day of first race.

Full Details available on the CC6 Website 


Hampshire Cross Country League

The Hampshire cross country league is a series of 5 races held on Saturday afternoons from October through to February. There are no speed restrictions on these events and all races are free to enter. These are multiple lap races and allow for single sex, and younger age groups to race separately over shorter distances to the mens.

They tend to not be quite as hilly or muddy (weather dependant!!!) as the Southern Cross Country and other traditional XC races. Teams are scored by counting the first five runners for the men's team and three runners for all other races.

These are free events and you will just need to wear a club vest (as well as your normal running kit!) and have a UKA number and membership. Car sharing is always encouraged.

The dates for the 2019/20 fixture dates Hampshire Cross Country League races and the championship races have been fixed, so it's time to put them in your diaries. There are five cross country league races, full details are available here.

Some dates for your diary:

Hampshire League races:

  • 12 October 2019 – Kings Park, Bournemouth
  •  9 November 2019 – Sparsholt College, Winchester
  • 30 November 2019 – Wellesley Woodlands, Aldershot, AFD
  • 11 January 2020 – Prospect Park, Reading
  • 08 February 2020 – Popham Airfield, Basingstoke

These are the start times, the age groups and maximum distances for the Hampshire League races.

Time Age groups Distance (maximum)

  • 12:00 Girls U13 3k
  • 12:15 Boys U13 3k
  • 12:30 Girls U15 4k
  • 12:50 Boys U15 4k
  • 13:05 Women U17 4k
  • 13:35 Women Senior (including 6k Vets and U20)
  • 14:10 Men U17 6k
  • 14:30 Men Senior (including 10k Vets and U20)

A team consists of 3 except for the Senior's in divisions 1 & 2 where 5 are required for the team.

The Hampshire League races are free to enter, you just need to be a member of the club and have a club vest.

It would be helpful if you are interested in running in any of the Hampshire League races, you could let us know your name and date of birth. This will help us when we record the scores to ensure consistent names are used and you are in the right age category. 

Do get involved, these races are excellent for building strength during the winter months, the hills and the mud make sure of that.

Your Cross Country Rep is Andy Simpson (Mens Captain) 


Southern Cross Country League

The emphasis of Southern Cross Country league (formally the Today's Runner League) is "to provide ordinary club members with the opportunity to participate in a series of cross country events. The atmosphere is to be enjoyable and social without the cut and thrust that is associated with specialist cross country leagues."

Each race is about 5 miles (8k) and as they exclude each clubs "faster runners" provide an ideal introduction to cross country racing, in a social and friendly atmosphere.

The Southern Cross Country races are free to enter for individuals, and with no registration, numbering or race timing, simply collect a finishing number at the end of the run to record your finish position. The league rules simply ask that you wear a club vest to be included in the results.

Clubs score as teams and league scores are calculated by counting the finishing position of the first 5 men, and first 3 ladies from each club.

Post-race food and refreshments are provided by the host club at a cost of up to £2.

Why not come along and support your club, and enjoy an off road run where the emphasis is firmly on enjoyment.

Race Date Venue
1 TBC Pamber Forest
2 TBC QE Country Park, Petersfield

Bourne Wood (GU103RW)


Lord Wandsworth College

5 TBC Polecat Valley 

Exclusions: Male runners who have run faster than 5.30 min/mile and female who have run faster than 6min/mile over a measured distance in the previous 12 months.

Minutes Men Ladies
5 Miles 27:30 30:00
10K 34:11 37:17
10 Miles 55:00 60:00

 The official Southern League website, which contains details of race results, and the latest news is available here


XC Championships

The three XC championship races are not too far away.

These races give you a chance to rub shoulders with the best runners in the county / region / country, however they are open to all abilities. They are a fantastic experience and always a good day out.

Hampshire championships    

Southern championships

English championships    

Course style: Some hills, generally rough fields/parks, can be very muddy.

It doesn’t matter how fast you are, you still run the same distance and can hold your head high when you cross that line.

We normally hire a minibus for the Southerns, and for the Nationals this would depend on the nos of entrants.

Enter via the club website, Hampshire and Southern Championships are £7 per person per race and the English (nationals) Championship is £8 per person  for this race.
Entries must be received by the end of November.
Every entrant must be UKA member.

We really hope to see as many of you as possible at some or all of the three championship events.

Any questions please contact Andy Simpson (Mens Captain)