Monday/Tuesday/Thursday Sessions


Day Date Meet Time Location Effort Recovery Weekend/ weekday races
Monday 19/02/2018 Solent Hotel 6:30pm Whiteley 3 sets of 30s / 50s / 70s / 50s / 30s hills Jog back down Sat 24th Feb, English National XC Championships, Parliament Hill London
25th Feb, SXC League (TBC) 
Tuesday 20/02/2018 Locks Heath Sports Ground


new time 

Red path 3x1.5ml (or 1ml option) with catch up on 2nd and 3rd reps Jog/walk along Warsash rd
Thursday 22/02/2018 Locks Heath Sports Ground 7pm Crescent Road Paarlaufs Various
Monday 26/02/2018 Solent Hotel 6:30pm Whiteley Hill Sprints 3 sets of 3 x 30s Jog down + 60s; 2 min between sets
Tuesday 27/02/2018 Locks Heath Sports Ground 7pm Woodpecker Close Kenyan hills 4x6min 2min  
Thursday 01/03/2018 Crofton Community Centre 7pm Hill Head 30 min of 600m near Osborne View 200m
Monday 05/03/2018 Solent Hotel 6:30pm Whiteley 25 mins of Leafy Lane Loops Continuous run Sun 11th Mar, CC6 XC league at Wilverley
Tuesday 06/03/2018 Locks Heath Sports Ground 7pm Sovereign Crescent 1ml repetitions (3 to 5 or ~40min) 2min
Thursday 08/03/2018 Crofton Community Centre 6:30pm Lee England Athletics CLUB RUN Session with Peter Haynes
Monday 12/03/2018 Solent Hotel 6:30pm Whiteley Kenyan Hills - 4 x 6 min 2 min Sun 18th Mar, HRRL Eastleigh 10k
Tuesday 13/03/2018 Locks Heath Sports Ground 7pm Titchfield Hill  Figure of 8 (modified route through Garsons road). Effort on hills 
Thursday 15/03/2018 Crofton Community Centre 7pm Anker lane 40 min of 1km loops 350m jog
Monday 19/03/2018 Solent Hotel 6:30pm Whiteley 1 mile loops, (3 to 5 reps or about 40min) 2 min  
Tuesday 20/03/2018 Locks Heath Sports Ground 7pm Sovereign Crescent 2x4x800, (or ~40min) Jog back to start  
Thursday 22/03/2018 Locks Heath Sports Ground 7pm Coach Hill Hill repetitions On down hills
Monday 26/03/2018 Solent Hotel 6:30pm Whiteley Short hill loops (focus on down hill technique)  
Tuesday 27/03/2018 Car park opposite Titchfield Mill 7pm Titchfield Hill (towards Fareham) Pyramid of lampposts, (9 reps total) Jog back down hill  
Thursday 29/03/2018 Crofton Community Centre 7pm Bluebird Cafe 1ml loops (40mins) 2min