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Stubbington Green Runners are based in Hampshire between Portsmouth & Southampton, drawing members from the local communities of Stubbington, Lee on the Solent, Titchfield, Locks Heath, Whiteley and beyond. The Stubbington Green running club was originally founded in 1985 and currently has 350 members and remains committed to encouraging running at all levels, catering for runners of all abilities.


Click HERE for weekly Schedules


The next round of the Southern Cross Country League is our host race on 22nd January at 11am, it will take place at Manor Farm Coutry Park Bursledon.

We will need 25 marshalls from our club on the day plus a few to help with refreshments for afterwards in the activity hall, I appreciate that it comes just a week after a lot of you will have helped with the Stubbington 10k but if you could maybe enlist the help of family and friends that would be great.

You can still run the race on the day in our colours but we do need marshals to make it work.

Please either email me hally.pfc@ntlworld.com or call me on 07874777036 I would be most grateful

Chris Hall

SGR 10K Volunteers/Marshal briefing will take place Friday 13th January at the Crofton Community centre at 7:30pm

to enable you understand what is required from you and others to enable the event to be a success. It is important that you attend as there will not be time on the day to give out instructions. for further information on the list of volunteers please go to http://stubbingtongreenrunners.net/index.php/10k/marshals-helpers

Rainbow Logo

 The Rainbow Centre in Fareham have four gold bond places available in the 2017 London Marathon.  The Rainbow Centre would love our members to consider joining there group of supporters in taking up this amazing challenge for them at the centre. They ask that each person taking part aim to raise £2000.

The Rainbow Centre in Fareham is the local charity supporting children with Cerebral Palsy and adults affected by strokes, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and head injuries. We are the point of excellence for Conductive Education (CE) in the South of England which is a unique learning system helping children and adults overcome their physical limitations enabling them to lead more independent lives. As the only dedicated centre in the region families and individuals travel from across the South to access this unique service.


Yvonne Campbell

yvonnec@rainbowcentre.org / 01329 289500


Click to Registor 



Stubbington Green 6.5 Special Results 19 runners took part in the Night version of the 6:05 run Special. It was good to have some of our fellow runners from Hedge End and Fareham taking part again. 

1 42.18 Becky Lord SGR
2 43.52 Kevin Scullion SGR
3 46.16 Chris Sandy Alton Runners
4 46.17 Rich Edmunds SGR
5 47.09 David Langrish SGR
6 47.47 Mark Fretwell Hedge End
7 47.49 Lottie Lord SGR
8 48.32 Frances Lord SGR
9 48.36 Chris Stapleford SGR
10 50.50 Mike Donovan SGR
11 52.36 Philip Prohpett Fareham
12 53.53 Samuel Brookes Fareham
13 53.53 Howard Stinton Fareham
14 60.00 Tiggy Sinclair Hedge End
15 60.00 Sheryl James Hedge End
16 61.55 Cliff Fanton Hedge End
17 61.56 Alex Leighton Goodall Fareham
18 63.03 Terry Orr Hedge End
19 63.03 Jim Dunlop Hedge End

Many thanks to all the helpers who did the timing and name recording. 

 london mararhon logo


Those that have applied for the London marathon will know now if they have been successful. The club will hopefully have some club places available so if you get a rejection slip then please forward to Kevin ( Chairman@stubbingtongreenrunners.net) along with a short questionnaire that we will supply which will help the committee in their selection process.

Please send by the end of October


Harbour Logo

 Would you like to take on the challenge of running the London Marathon 2017, and do not currently have a place, we have charity places available. Each application will be assessed individually.

We would love local people to run and raise money for your local cancer charity - Harbour Cancer Support.

Harbour Cancer Support offers practical and emotional support for anyone affected by cancer.
The services offered include counselling, drop in service, support for children and complementary therapies.
Harbour Cancer Support receives no core funding and is totally reliant on donations and fundraising, so your support would mean we could continue to offer this vital service to people affected by cancer.

If you would like a poster, more information or to register your interest in taking one of these places please contact Sharon.

TEL: 01794 513002 / EMAIL: sharon@harbourcancer.org.uk  


Gloucester Marathon flyer cv2

On the 29th of Sept at 6.30 the club will running a time trial around Holly Hill. The distance will be approx 3000mtrs. Myself and Julie will be marshalling and timing and will also be looking for few volunteers to help marshal as well. So let's see if we can emulate what the club has done on road and now do a off road time trial. Look forward to everyone from club turning up to a new event.


SGR Beginners Flyer

Fish and Chip Handicap 7th September 7:30 Finish The usual handicap rules apply. No maps, Sat Nav or watches are allowed, you can start when you want, making sure that you do not take any short cuts along the way! More...

Stubbington Green 6.5 Special Results Great turnout for the 6.5 Special on Friday with 33 runners and several dogs taking part. It was good to have some of our fellow runners from Hedge End and Fareham taking part. Many thanks to Mike White and Edward for marking the turn round point and to all the helpers who did the timing and name recording. Don’t forget there will be a night time version later in the year so get your head torches ready. Results here.

Stubbington Green Runners Social Update - There are 2 events coming soon, firstly the Chariots of Fire race along the beach, starting at Meon foreshore by the beach chalets on – Friday 22nd July so put the date in your diary. There's also the very popular annual BBQ on the 31st July at Manor Farm. All details here.

Portchester Castle Autumn Series The Portchester Castle 5k Autumn Series takes place in the shadows of the iconic Portchester Castle. The course takes in grassy fields, wild meadows, gravel shoreline paths, and Tarmac footpaths. The series commences on the 28th September, starting at 7pm prompt. Further races in the series are planned for 12th October, 26th October, 9th November, with the finale event on the 23rd November. Later races in the series will require the wearing of head torches. Every finisher will receive a medal, with all racers who complete the full 5 race series receiving a free, bespoke, race tech tee shirt. Entry price is £13. Online entry will be open on Wednesday 22nd June. We look forward to seeing you at the series events.

Great South Run 23rd October - Run for Smile in 2016. Smile provides essential respite care to disabled children and young adults across Hampshire and West Sussex. Details here.

We had a total of six charity nominations, all for very worthwhile causes and as you can imagine the decision process was not easy and we had a long discussion before coming to an agreement to support two rather than just one of these equally worthwhile nominations.

Firstly we have therefore decided to support Canine Partners https://caninepartners.org.uk which provides dogs for people with disabilities and has a local puppy training satellite in Titchfield.

Secondly we will be supporting the FitforFelix campaign http://www.fitforfelix.com which is raising funds for a local boy who suffered life changing injuries when he was hit by a car last year. He was supported by the Hants and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, and Southampton General Paediatric Intensive Care Unit so the monies raised will be split three ways between these two organisations and supporting Felix’s rehabilitation.

Ticketing for the World Championships There is a news story on the website about the priority ticketing for London 2017 which is available for registered athletes, licensed coached and officials. There is also reference to how clubs can register 10 volunteers for priority ticketing (and up to an additional four star volunteers): http://www.englandathletics.org/england-athletics-news/london-2017-priority-ticketing--deadline-to-registe

Fancy a running challenge for 2016? PTSD Resolution that has charity places up for grabs on lots of the 'Great Runs', i.e. the Great North, South, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham, ranging from 10k, 10 miles and to half marathon distances. PTSD Resolution helps Veterans, TA and Reservists who are struggling to reintegrate into a normal work & family life because of military trauma suffered during service in the armed forces. Please visit http://www.ptsdresolution.org/running.php for further information.

The Farleigh Wallop Trail Race Hatch Warren Runners who are based in Basingstoke and are thrilled to let you know that this year, we will be hosting our very first event The Farleigh Wallop Trail Race. The event is approximately 10k and will take place on Sunday 25th September. Full details and entry are available online at www.runnersworld.co.uk using the following link: http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/events/viewevent.asp?sp=&v=1&EN=97047&ms= A postal entry form is also available here.

Earlier this year we set up a Club Discount for Stubbington Green Runners at Fareham Leisure Centre which requires a minimum of 5 people to receive the 20% discount. A couple have cancelled and a few new members have joined since and we currently have 5. The only proof required is a copy of their SGR Membership Card and we can extend the offer to partners by linking them.

The discounted membership fees are:

· £31.99 per month with a £40 joining fee - this is a non-contract membership

· £319.99 per annum – 12 month contract, where you receive 2 months free with no joining fee

· Usual fees are £39.99 per month or £399.99 per annum

This includes full use of our facilities at both sites once Holly Hill opens next year. At Fareham we have a 100+ station gym, 2 Group Exercise Studios, plus a dedicated Spin Studio with over 100 classes per week, 2 Swimming Pools and a Health Suite comprising of a relaxation area, drench shower, Steam Room and Sauna. Our members also have access to all of our Online training plans, Videos and more.

We do currently have a £1 joining fee offer which expires at the end of July – Friday!

saltSODIUM DEPLETION IN HOT WEATHER I know we’ve all been told not to take excess salt (sodium chloride) in our diets, due to increasing blood pressure and many other health problems. However, in hot weather (or under any circumstances when we perspire excessively) we can lose a lot of sodium. With thirst we may just drink lots of water – which is fine for replacing lost fluids. The downside is that it dilutes the diminishing levels of sodium that the body needs to prevent muscular spasms, weakness, cramp and fatigue and even collapse with hyponatremia.

An easy test to decide if you need to add a pinch of salt (not Lo-Salt) to your drink is to put the tip of your tongue on some salt (again – not Lo-Salt). If it tastes strongly of salt – your sodium levels are ok. If it doesn’t taste ‘salty’ then you need to add a pinch.

Group Run Training Courtesy of Julie Ashman, you can now familiarise yourselves with some of our regular runs, they can be found at the bottom of the page, here.

The SGR morning session is now moving to Friday mornings and will start from this Friday, 27th, meeting at 9am at Crofton Community Centre after the school drop off. All are welcome and we tend to head down to the beach front to do some form of efforts/intervals rather than do a longer run. This enables everyone to work at their own pace and allows us to regroup. We are happy to wait for anyone doing a school drop-off, just let us know you're coming. Please share this with anyone you think may be interested. Please note: This session tends to only run in term time, so look for me on facebook or twitter @fieryfootedme or text me on 07956050159 to see if it is on. Thank you!


Twitter @StubbGR

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